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Roku unleashes a flurry of apps just in time for Christmas

Roku unleashes a flurry of apps just in time for Christmas

The folks at Roku have been busy lately approving new apps. In the last 30 days they have added 29 new channels to the Roku Channel Store. For those that are really bad at math, that is roughly 1 new app every day. This brings the total number of apps available on the Roku to 134 including such favorites as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon VOD, Pandora and more. And for the holiday season don’t forget to tune into the Roku Holiday Spotlight channel to get a yule log on the big screen. The following are the newest apps added to Roku:

  • NHL GameCenter
  • Horoscopes by Kelli Fox
  • Vajra Buddhist TV
  • Crunchyroll
  • Roku Holiday Spotlight
  • AeroCinema
  • BoMTV Channel
  • Reliable IPTV
  • blip.tv tech
  • blip.tv home
  • Oak Hills Church
  • Weather Underground
  • Media Fusion
  • Mediafly SPORTS
  • Mediafly MUSIC
  • Mediafly GAMING
  • Tamil IPTV
  • Databazaar Media Ventures
  • SomaFM
  • Wieder TV
  • Antena Latina 7
  • GoFightLive
  • VXTV
  • SportSkool Fitness
  • SportSkool Yoga
  • RacefansTV
  • Community Bible Church
  • Aim Flicks
  • My Damn Channel

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Author: Stewart Foss

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31 Comments to “Roku unleashes a flurry of apps just in time for Christmas”
  1. Roku unleashes a flurry of apps just in time for Christmas http://thenewtvrepublic.com/2010/12/roku

  2. When I first saw BoMTV, I thought it was “Book of Mormon TV”. Needless to say I was disappointed.

  3. Thank you Roku for all the recent hard work and all the new Roku channels. My biggest hope is that someday soon we’ll see soap operas, especially The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives. That would really make my Roku hopes and dreams fulfilled. Again, thank you to everyone that put in all the work for all the new channels.

  4. Has someone put together a site that reviews channels for the Roku?

  5. Looking for a Tai Chi channel

  6. don’t grow to fast,…. then some cable company will buy you.= and kill roku…….
    to much on there now…but..country music videos would be great.old and new.
    i have been a roku’er for a year now– love you…merry christmas to all……ruthy

    • Roku…Please don’t give in to “Big Cable” or other media that would get controll of Roku. They would definately ruin it.

  7. I would like to see some streeming networks. They have a lot of their shows up to watch online, but you have to play them on the computer. I would like to see the Flix where I could play it on my tv as well. That would be great.

  8. Roku also updated several channels that were already released with new features, check out my Roku channel Musiclouds, formerly Soundcloud Connect, Now plays music from 8tracks.com as well as Soundcloud, more music clouds coming soon! Also check out Ouroborialis, my free screensaver for roku, make sure to enable it in the screensaver settings section of the roku settings box. Also check out Positive Peak radio, another channel which I did some work on, streaming top 40 radio and beautiful visuals!


  9. Any chance that you will add The Speed Channel. I sure do miss my racing. Play-on has it but all you get is talk shows and maybe highlights. I want to see the actual racing.

  10. Seriously, why am I paying Hulu+ a subscription? So I can watch Hulu on my big screen? That appears to be my only benefit. Are they planning on adding programming? I mean, I can’t watch Nikita, Burn Notice, or Fringe. Give me a reason to keep subscribing.

    I love Roku, especially with NetFlix and MLB Baseball. Any possibility of ever getting HBO or Showtime on Roku?

  11. It’s great that Roku has added so many channels, however, be warned that you can’t add all the channels available to your unit.

    Once you add about 40 channels you are unable to add additional channels without first deleting others.

  12. I LOVE my Roku!!! I love all the education, entertainment, music, podcasts, stuff from the 50′s. Sooo much better than cable TV! Please don’t change to an expensive service.

  13. And to think I can be watching Vajra with the Dalai Lama
    teaching about compassion and love when I could be watching Real
    Housewives on cable. Hmmm. Roku just might give me the courage to
    pull the plug on cable once and for all.

  14. Have had Roku for 2 years, Keep up the great work, am still waiting for BYUTV to go on Roku, I email them but nothing yet,

    Their is an interest out there.

    Also waiting for Clearplay to have steaming filter for Roku.

    I love the parent controls for ratings, next would like the clear plat filter to watch shows with kids without Adult situations.

    We do not use cable, nor have we ever used TV, Just videos, Netflix and roku. ROKU is Great for Families who want to only allow what we want to see.

    Choice is GREAT Thing.

  15. I love my Roku box and it only seems to be getting better. I dont see any stopping it adding more and more content.

    The box streams Netflix–sign up and get a month free, and you have the option to suspend your account so you arent automatically tied to a monthly fee every month.

    I got a free month of HULU Plus, Sign up for BIGSTAR TV and get a month free. This is a lot of movies…for free, just to start!

    Now they added some hard rock channels like Nuclear Blast and Roxwell(free). And rumor has it they will be adding a scary channel called Frightology( may be subscription). Pub-A-DUB already has lots of cult movie content and its free.

    The best rumor is that Amazon ( who already has VOD on here) is going to start a competing video streaming service to go against NETFLIX and may forge a relatonship for HBO streaming.

    You’ve heard that ESPN is coming to XBOX 360..why wouldnt the ROKU get it too? Probably will…I dont think anything can stop ROKU…tell your freinds..its the bomb!

  16. I’m just learning about Roku, and would like to know if you you can watch regular channels from the box, like CBS, NBC etc…or do you have to have a seperate digital antenna? Is there a list of all the channels that come through Roku. thanks for any info on this


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