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Boxee Box versus Boxee TV, what we know

Boxee Box versus Boxee TV, what we know

Yesterday Boxee announced their latest set top offering. The Boxee TV marks a change in strategy for the company. Boxee launched in 2008 as a HTPC web streaming/local playback solution, in 2010 they launched the Boxee Box as a dedicated device the same focus. The new Boxee device focuses first on being a DVR for local broadcasts or unencrypted cable and adds apps and local/network playback. The release of the new devices marks the discontinuation the Boxee Box and the end of the software that ran the device. Though there is only bits of information available, we have gathered what we know to compare the two devices.


Feature  Boxee Box  Boxee TV
Price  $179  $99
Tuners  Single with $49 add on  Dual Tuner
TV Guide  With $49 add on Boxee Live TV  Yes
DVR  No  With $15 monthly fee
DVR Storage  N/A  Unlimited cloud based with $15 monthly fee, no local storage.
Tuner works with  Over the air and unencrypted cable  Over the air and unencrypted cable
Availability  Worldwide (Live TV in Canada & US)  US Only
DVR availability  N/A  Starts in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and D.C. More cities in 2013.
Apps  Yes  Yes
Premium Apps Netflix
SEC Digital Network
App library Yes, includes hundreds of apps by 3rd party developers in the official Boxee App Library  Not at launch
3rd Party App Repositories Yes, gives you access to apps that don’t have to be approved by Boxee, ie. Navi-X or adult content  No indication that they will be supported
Browser Yes No
Chip Intel CE4100  Broadcom
Local playback Yes, via 2 usb ports  Yes, via 2 usb ports
Network playback Supports many protocols including SMB, AFP, DLNA, and Boxee’s BMS protocol for use with Boxee media server  Supports DLNA
File format support Almost everything  Supports popular formats but not as extensive as Boxee Box, no specific details released.
Media Identification Uses combination of sources (IMDB.com, THETVDB.com) to identify local and network files, add descriptions and cover art.  No
 Remote Radio Frequency. Includes a D-pad + two buttons on the front (one for direct access to Netflix), full qwerty on the backside. Includes a D-Pad + 6 buttons (one for direct access to Netflix, another for direct access to VUDU). No Qwerty.

Information is leaking out slowly, but we’ll be updating this chart as we learn more. Let us know in the comments if we have missed something.

Updated: hat tip to darcilicious and AminB on forums.boxee.tv

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